I'm never at a
loss for
words ...

I’m talking about where to look on video, of course.

The camera lens is your friend, guys. Unfortunately, it’s also not where most of us are looking.

Stop looking at yourself. Look at the lens!

Kathrine Nero, camera coach

“Hi guys. I’m just poppin’ on here …”
“Happy (insert day here)!”
“OMG. Look at me. I’m a MESS!”

Yeah. How NOT to start your next video. And those three are just the beginning.

Right and wrong ways to start your next video

If I’m being honest, I should have taken the leap and started this website years ago.  But even with decades of experience and confidence in my skills, imposter syndrome set in when it came to launching a website. It was too bold a move. Too big a step. As we used to say as kids, […]

Goodbye imposter syndrome, hello website