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Goodbye imposter syndrome, hello website

If I’m being honest, I should have taken the leap and started this website years ago. 

But even with decades of experience and confidence in my skills, imposter syndrome set in when it came to launching a website. It was too bold a move. Too big a step. As we used to say as kids, “Why’d I think I was so big?”

And maybe more importantly, why would people care? Was I really the right person to do this?

For a long time, my answer was no. It took me this long to get a grasp on what I could offer people; using my experience and passion to make their lives easier. 

For years in my previous life as a TV news anchor, I would joke that my job was “reading what other people write.” And it was kinda true. But what I know now is that those decades of learning, speaking, writing, interviewing, shooting and editing video and delivering news – plus my experience teaching electronic media students at the University of Cincinnati – has brought me here. 

And here – is using all of that knowledge to teach people to look and feel better on camera.

Kathrine Nero works on her website to help you look and feel better on camera.

Once the pandemic hit, we all plopped ourselves in front of our laptop and opened up a Zoom call. And what we saw next were dimly lit desks, up-the-nose angles and terrible backgrounds.

Over the next few months, I offered 1-on-1 consultations, group webinars – and I even created a digital course, all meant to help people gain confidence and look their best on camera. And by the way, there’s nothing that buries imposter syndrome better than confidence. Guess I should have listened to myself.

And though we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, virtual work is here to stay. We’ve all learned just how efficient a video conference can be, right? Remember that old joke about meetings that should have been emails? Now we realize how many in-person meetings could be virtual ones – and save everyone an hour-long commute. 

Kathrine Nero works in Red Whale Rental's new office space

So that’s where I come in.

I can be your personal camera coach. Helping you with angles and lighting, content and messaging – and overall confidence, helping you look and feel better on camera.

I had no idea the skills I’ve been honing for 20-plus years in television and in daily social media lives would one day do more than just relay the headlines of the day. 

One person who took my course messaged me that the tips he learned helped him get a new job. His interviewer actually said to him that his professional setup over video conference set him apart from some of the other candidates.

I’ve helped nonprofits pivot from in-person events and fundraisers to virtual ones without losing a step. And I love partnering with small businesses as they learn to use the power of social media to reach their customers when being there in person just wasn’t an option.

I’m doing what I love, and now there’s a central hub for all of it. Content creation, camera coaching, local fun … there’s room for it all. But not for imposter syndrome. I’ve had enough of her.

Now, would you like to get down to business and grab some quick and easy camera tips? It sure would make my day. Let’s start with the basics: grab my three easy ways to immediately look better on camera. And check out the rest of the fun on my blog.



Goodbye imposter syndrome, hello website