Whether it's a Zoom call, a YouTube video, a digital course - or upping your social media live game, I can help you improve your on-camera presence with lessons learned in 20+ years of on-camera work.

We'll cover lighting, audio, angles, location & best practices for wardrobe & makeup. Grab a series of sessions to work on content, interviewing and storytelling.

One-on-one virtual camera training sessions
begin at $175, and come with my most popular PDF reference guides, tip sheets and checklists.

Group webinars
help your team put its best face forward in video conferences, virtual client meetings and social media lives. They begin at $900 and are personalized to your business and goals for your team.


Check with your employer. Many will help cover the cost.

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Do video conferences still freak you out?
Are you uncomfortable seeing yourself on camera?
Ready to increase connection with the people on the other side of the camera lens?

Then this is for you.

Engaging your viewer on video is as simple as asking the right questions,
 preparing the right way and knowing the right message to share.

I'll use my 20+ years of television experience
 to instantly improve your script and
 tease writing and delivery,
visual storytelling, body language,
interviewing and anchoring/hosting skills.

We will cover ways to encourage engagement and connection with your viewer.

One-on-one virtual camera training sessions 
start at $175 and include an ongoing review and critique of present and past work.


Check with your station.
Many will help cover the cost.

Are you a podcaster wanting to get the most out of your interviews?
A digital or multi-media journalist new to the world of TV news?
An influencer wanting to use video to connect with your followers?

Start here.

for business professionals and executives, groups and anyone working from home

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Navigating the current media landscape can be difficult. Media coverage of all varieties is as pervasive as it's ever been, but how do you break through to get your message delivered?
And how do you get a reporter to bite on your story?

I've been on the other end of the media food chain for years, and I know what makes a reporter stop the scroll.
And once you get coverage, what exactly do you say?
I'll help you focus your message to reach your target audience with poise, polish and confidence.

Group media training workshops 
start at $900 and include preparations for various types of interviews, plus mock interviews to show the skills you've learned. One-on-one training also available.

media training

Are you a thought leader - or have dreams of being one?
Is your business poised for media coverage, but don't know how to prepare?
You know you're on to something big, but can't figure out how to get the media to care?

This is your lucky day.

wanna drill down even more? 
book these targeted trainings to improve your skill set

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Storytelling & Interviewing

Everyone has a story, but not everyone has honed how to tell it, or how to ask the right questions to get it out of someone else.
Find your unique voice and learn how to get the most out of your interview subject.  

Content & Messaging

Clarifying your message can turn conversation into conversion.
We'll focus on putting your audience first and creating memorable "sound bites."
Put simply: you'll learn what to say and how to say it.  

Writing for the Ear

This isn't your five-page essay from college.
In this case: the fewer words, the better.

Learn TV tactics to make your scripts short, conversational and compelling.

all targeted trainings start at $500

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You're not alone! My goal is to improve your on-camera presence as simply as possible. Sure, there are some great products out there that will make a difference, (and you can find some here!), but really, we boil it down to basics. to make sure anyone can see an immediate improvement in how the look and feel on camera.

what if i'm not techy?

My Confidence on Camera group webinar is targeted at businesses that want to level up their camera presence for sales calls, video conferencing and social media lives. Each webinar participant will have the chance to fill out a pre-webinar questionnaire so I can tailor the event to their questions and concerns. Groups of 10 or more and recorded sessions are an upcharge.

what's involved in the group webinar?

Because the sessions are personalized, there's no wasted time. Our focus is you and your questions. Usually clients get a 2-4 session series, spaced out over several weeks. This allows you to apply the tactical tips to real life situations between sessions and see your improvement. We will focus on the specific areas you'd like to improve, from logistics and appearance to content and messaging.

How many consultations will i need?

These days, our days are lived online, and video conferencing is here to stay. It's a blessing and a curse. Now, everyone from the newest intern to the CEO are judged in tiny 2x3 boxes. So - perfecting your video conferencing setup can make a huge difference in perception and presence, and can project skill and proficiency. 



"Kathrine - this is THE best education in virtual presentation ever.
Thank you!"

dianna S.

"Thank you for the Confident on Camera course. I have two businesses that I run almost exclusively online, and I found your course to be very helpful. I chose to take it because I knew you had a TV background and had transitioned to online. I loved the tips you gave and that I don't have to buy any special equipment. It felt like chatting with a friend. "

Amy P.

"Great advice! Terrific tips I wouldn’t have even thought of. I already tried some and can’t believe what a difference they make. I'm using these for Zoom meetings too."

Jon M.

"I'm not very tech-savvy, so Kathrine's tips were really helpful for me. I don’t have to buy anything! And her broadcast TV know-how really shines through with the ideas she shares."

Ashley P.