Now that we all have a hot beverage, let's get down to business.

I could start this page with the tale of 10-year-old me, clutching her Cabbage Patch Kid while dreaming of being a TV sports reporter.

Or 17-year-old me, who was so shy that my mama was worried I wouldn't have the gumption to ask someone for an interview. (I grew up in the South, where mama and gumption are perfectly appropriate words.)

Instead, let me give you the abridged version. I'm a former sports and news anchor who amassed more than 12,000 hours of live television experience - until  ... I got fired. It was public and shocking and out of the blue.

I'm Kathrine

grab a cup of coffee. seriously. chances are i've got one.

thanks for being here!

This took quite the turn, didn't it?
Yep, that's how it felt, too.
But wait - it gets better ... 

I also started coaching and consulting people and businesses - helping them feel more comfortable and confident on camera for the multitude of Zoom calls we're all on. There may or may not be discussions about anchor helmet hair.

My day job is media relations, as Director of Media for Game Day Communications, a kick-ass company run by kick-ass women. That's where I use my media knowledge for good. I know the pain points of the media landscape, and I help our clients navigate through those turbulent waters and get the coverage they deserve.

Then there's content creation. I create social media posts and videos that can connect you with your ideal audience.


And I'd love to help. Drop me an email and let me know how. And oh, by the way ...

After a month or so of drowning my sorrows elbow-deep in an ice cream tub, I came to a realization. Caramel fudge swirl is the way to go. Well, that ... and this:
The lessons I learned in decades on television, plus my experience teaching media ethics at a local university, could be combined like those delicious caramel and fudge swirls and applied to many different professions.

So I dove in. I hosted Coffee Break with Kathrine, a daily Facebook live for for almost three years, where I talked about the news - and to the newsmakers of the day, in the city I love.

SPOILER ALERT: Gumption is not a problem for me.

I could help people feel better on camera, tell their story - and share the stories of businesses and products I believe in. 

It's about telling your story the right way to the right people.

Awesome photos by @tashapinelophoto

guys, you've made it this far.
let's continue the fun.

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