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I haven’t cried since I found out I have breast cancer. Again. And that’s weird, because I cry at dog food commercials, videos of soldiers coming home and every single Broadway musical first act finale. But not this. I just kept thinking: twice. I’ve had this TWICE. What are the odds? That’s tough to say. […]

Breast cancer: the second time around

The Globe in Covington is a bourbon bar that welcomes you with comfy seating and good conversation … but it wows you with a back bar filled to the ceiling with bourbons and ryes. Click here for the video version of this story. Bars on The B-Line are required to have 100 kinds of bourbon, […]

Covington bourbon bar serves up cocktails & knowledge

I’m a big fan of hard seltzers, especially as the summer approaches. But let’s face it: they all tend to taste kinda the same. So when Braxton Brewing‘s Vive Seltzer came out with a new, more flavorful, bolder seltzer, I was first in line to give it a try. My friends at Braxton sent over […]

Vive Punch: A seltzer standout in sea of sameness