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Vive Punch: A seltzer standout in sea of sameness

I’m a big fan of hard seltzers, especially as the summer approaches. But let’s face it: they all tend to taste kinda the same. So when Braxton Brewing‘s Vive Seltzer came out with a new, more flavorful, bolder seltzer, I was first in line to give it a try.

My friends at Braxton sent over Vive Punch, a four-flavor variety pack that does not disappoint.

The Vive Punch seltzer variety pack.
The Four Horsemen of the Vive Punch variety pack

I know what you’re thinking: they’re too sweet. Nope. I don’t know how they managed to pull it off, but Punch flavors are bigger, bolder and more fruity without being syrupy sweet. Then again, these are the people who created a pumpkin spice seltzer that was actually very good. So I put nothing past them.

Now look: I’m no foodie. I don’t have a distinguished palette. But you know what? You probably don’t either. So here are my honest thoughts about the new flavors. (Vive gave me the goods, but these opinions are all my own).

Southern Punch

I went for this one right away. I love stone fruits, so when it promsied flavors of apricot, nectarine and peach, I knew this had to be my inaugural mission. Also, I’m a big fan of Braxton’s Stone Fruit Smoothie Sour, so I knew they knew their way around the fruit.

The name is fitting. It’s easy, sweet and reminds me of a high octane, bubbly peach tea. It’s what I think my great Aunt Maud meant when she said to our waiter at her favorite Victorian restaurant in her small hometown in Alabama, “Sir, we’ll have some spirits, please.” She would have loved this. And I did, too. It’s my favorite – and I’m currently working on a way to buy it in bulk. (Hey Braxton, can you do a keg-o-seltzer?)

Kathrine Nero drinks a Vive Punch seltzer.

Tropical Punch

A vacation in a can. That’s it. That’s the review.

Seriously, though – with notes of pineapple, coconut and something called citrus yuzu, it speaks for itself. Turns out that citrus yuzu is the key. The fruit is actually just called yuzu, and it originated in China. It has a flavor that’s described as a hybrid of lemon, lime and grapefruit. This knocks down the sweetness of the Tropical Punch a notch, while also giving it a little kick.

My beef with typical “vacation drinks” is that they sit so heavy on your stomach that you can only have one – or 14 – before you start feeling sick. That’s not the case with this tropical treat.

Kathrine Nero drinks a Vive Punch seltzer.
A Sunrise Punch at Sunset. There’s no bad time for this flavor.

Sunrise Punch

Attention brunch lovers. This will be your new favorite alternative to a mimosa.

I think the Sunrise Punch and Prosecco would make for one magical morning. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This Punch has flavors of orange, pineapple and lemonade, which means it’s equal parts sweet and sour (much like yoours truly). This drinks really easily. Like, maybe too easily. So of course, I suggest adding more alcohol to the mix (see the aforementioend Sunrise and Prosecco).

The Original Punch Vive Punch seltzer.

Original Punch

I saved the Original for last because I always like to keep you guessing. Also because I did not have high hopes for this one.

We’ve all been burned by a bad fruit punch, right? Too red, too fruity, too much like Kool-Aid or Lil Hugs. I will say I was plesantly surpised that Vive somehow took away that fruit punch bite, while still making you feel nostalgic when you drink it.

There had to be a fruit punch version in this batch. I mean, if we were on Family Feud and the question was, “Name a kind of punch” – the number one answer on the board would be fruit. And though it’s better than I expected, and I would definitely drink it again, it was my least favorite of the four.

All in all, the Vive Punch variety pack is a winner. It will make for some perfect poolside cocktails, some excellent summertime sipping, and a nice break from those lightly flavored hard seltzers that are flooding the market.

Find out where you can pick up Vive Punch hard seltzer here. And if you try it, lemme know! Cheers! 🍻



Vive Punch: A seltzer standout in sea of sameness