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Kathrine Nero inside a cryotherapy booth

Have you tried cryotherapy? It’s the brief exposure to extreme cold that’s said to have dozens of health benefits, from better sleep to better skin, boosted metabolism, endorphins and energy, less anxiety – and more. The premise is that cryotherapy can improve performance if done before a game, a run or other athletic endeavor. And […]

We tried cryotherapy – and you can, too – for FREE

Enjoying a Kentucky bourbon is one thing. Learning about how it got from barrel to rocks glass? That’s just as much fun. As part of my partnership with meetNKY, I went behind the scenes of a B-Line favorite, Neeley Family Distillery. Watch the video version, A Taste of the B-Line with Kathrine – here. The […]

Illegal moonshine to award-winning bourbon: A taste of the B-Line

Have you heard of the B-Line? It’s Northern Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. meetNKY, the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau, asked me to highlight some of the hotspots, because, frankly, the B-Line might just be NKY’s best kept secret. Kentucky and bourbon go hand in hand. And Northern Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail, the B-Line, brings the two […]

NKY’s Best Kept Secret: The B-Line

I’m a big fan of hard seltzers, especially as the summer approaches. But let’s face it: they all tend to taste kinda the same. So when Braxton Brewing‘s Vive Seltzer came out with a new, more flavorful, bolder seltzer, I was first in line to give it a try. My friends at Braxton sent over […]

Vive Punch: A seltzer standout in sea of sameness