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Bye bye, ring light glasses glare

The ring light is one of my favorite inventions of the last 10 years. I’d just like someone to follow me around with one 24/7. But its prominence has created a problem: ring light glasses glare.

Even when you pony up for non-glare lenses, the ring light leaves these perfect circles in our glasses. They’re annoying and distracting. I mean – look at this.

Ring light glasses glare on Kathrine Nero

I’ve become reliant on glasses over these last few years, so I had to do some finagling to figure out how to:

a) use my precious ring light, and

b) still be able to see.

So with some trial and error, I’ve found the solution.

And just like a good news story and a flattering photograph, it all comes down to angles.

Instead of positioning your ring light right in front of you, move the light to one side, raise it up and angle it down, like this.

No ring light glasses glare.

You’ll still get the ring light’s glorious light, but the glasses glare is gone.

Here’s a reel I made to explain it.

Another option is to find a more diffused light, like my new favorite, the LumeCube video conferencing kit. This little powerhouse suctions to the back of your laptop (or phone if you work hard enough) and check out the difference:

And the best part for glasses-wearers is that because the light has a nice diffuser, you won’t get that ring light glare, no matter where you position it.

Use this link and the code KATHRINENERO10 for 10% off. (Full dislosure, I get a small percentage of sales. But it’s so good, I’d tell you about it even if I didn’t.)

I always say Mother Nature is your best friend when it comes to lighting, But let’s be honest: sometimes she needs a boost. (Hence my 412 skin care products currently sitting on my countertop.) So don’t give up on that ring light. Just give her a new angle.

Interested in buying a ring light? Check out my Amazon store, where I’ve linked all my tried and true gear, including my favorite ring light. And for more camera tips, check out more of my blog posts.



Bye bye, ring light glasses glare